Creative Corner Introduction

For the oh’s & awe’ers, the one’s who’s eye’s still hold the glint of wonder for the bright and shiny’s of the world. I hope to entertain, inspire, motivate, or make you wet yourself while laughing at my “how to” in progress or finished products by my own hand.Though this blog is greatly for myself; a writer of whom has ultimately traded her thoughts and words for things like a fabric addiction, knitting needles,etc…it is also for my husband who has  been belly aching over my lack of vision. My husband has more creative talent in his baby toe than I possess. And though this may come as a shock to some, he out weighs me in the ability to sew, hand quilt and design. On general principle according to the rules of “how to get your vindictive girl on” I shouldn’t in any way cave, and give him something to read that would inspire him in  to create anything that would eclipse something handmade of mine. Competitive much? You betcha! But I do have to say that having been married to him forever…we have learned to work side by side, talk out a project, help without fighting ( most of the time, heeheehee) and still love one another. Working together lately usually just means helping with the cutting portions of a new quilt as both of us have our projects either in the finishing stages or those on the horizon. So, for those who want to take a peek at something beyond your own front door once in a while and see the great or not so wonderful and hear all about the trial and errors, I invite you to come back again. Hopefully I will have my page together soon.


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