A lot to love about being old school

Ever use the phrase “remember when” or “back in the day” when referring to a specific time when we weren’t so advanced technologically or otherwise? An era where the novelty of indoor plumbing hadn’t completely wore off yet? Children played outside as a general rule and your school clothes were seperate from your play clothes. Are you from a generation where you had clothes made for you? By a machine that was powered by how fast a foot could move a pedal up and down? Very few children of the eighties and nineties I’m sure, had the experience of homemade clothes. And lets face it, if you ever had a grandmother like I did who made some not so cool clothes for a kid, you were better off.  For some time it really seemed (to me) that the art of making clothes was dead. But like a lot of things; when given enough time, comes back to us.  In fact one could say that not only is clothes design making a come back, it seems to be surging its way to the surface alongside re-inventors of the cooking and baking world. Who doesn’t watch the food network? Iron Chef? Cupcake Wars? Anything that can be improved on has, whether its a tool, machine, a tip or trick that makes the end result come about expeditiously and better than it ever was.

Last weekend I bought a couple of summer dress patterns for my grand daughter as I always wanted to try my hand at making clothes. The whole time I kept thinking to myself “when is this going to get difficult?” along with thoughts of  “I can’t believe I’m actually making a dress”. It came out completely fantastic!  If the pattern say’s easy anywhere on it and your a beginner, you having nothing to lose but time that your not trying to make it. I’m 44 and I just made my first sewn article of clothing for a toddler 3. I honestly don’t know what I was afraid of but you can bet the farm that I will be making another before the month is out.


2 thoughts on “A lot to love about being old school

  1. Congratulations on making your first garment! I love to sew garments, but sewing for myself is often frustrating with fit issues, but I bought a dress form and am going to tackle again soon. Thanks for following my blog. How can follow yours? I don’t think I see a follow button.

    • Oh, thank you so much. I had bought a enough fabric to make a second dress for my grand daughter (which I finished today) so look for those pics. After having sent too many summer clothes in the wrong size, I made sure to scale down the dresses to a T3. No big deal as kids grow, however these dresses will fit now but I doubt she will wear them for more than a season. I liked your quilts very much. They are so beautiful. It gladdens me that you are interested in following my blog and I think its fabulous your going to stick to your guns regarding garments. I’m not very good at it either. Not yet. I’m better at making quilts for sure but like you, I really want to get better at making stuff I can wear. Anyway, I think there should be a bar at the top with a follow button which gives a person the ability to follow a blog but I will take a look to see if maybe it just my own view. If so I will find a way to add it through the widgets. Until next time, happy sewing! Kayleen

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