Sarah’s Sampler-Elm Creek Quilts

So I’m rifling through my wallet one day for no particular reason and I came across a Barnes and Noble gift card given to me by my daughter as a Christmas present last year. I remembered immediately how much was on the card but checked the balance anyway and proceeded to shop for yet another quilt book. Though I was treating the card like it was burning a hole in my pocket, I didn’t actually buy a book on line but rather wanted to check the possibilities through their online list. This was a good decision on my part as there were a couple of books I considered getting, only to find that it was already a part of the library Michael had been working on. So not only did I benefit by not getting a duplicate but it caused me to take inventory and pay closer attention to what I had at the ready. Of course you have to know that even though our selection has grown to a ridiculous size; it did in no way detour me from getting another. It only takes one picture to strike my fancy to be considered as good as sold. My book of choice when all was said and done was- ELM Creek Quilts: Quilt Projects Inspired by the ELM Creek Quilts Novels by Jennifer Chiaverini & Nancy Odom. I was going to say that if you think the name Jennifer Chiaverini is familiar, it should be with well over a baker’s dozen books published. In reality however, it’s more like 29 just on the first page if you were to look up Elm Creek Quilts on the Barnes and Noble online store. This project book like many of her others, pictures quilts in their entirety with such quality, color and life that you can’t help but pull out a fresh rotary cutter and begin without a second thought. Which I must confess is how my new quilting journey began.

It started with the purchase of the book and happily carried it into the house (which at the time, looked like a fabric store at the end of a Black Friday shopping day) and proceeded to share my purchase with my husband. I showed him the Quilt Sampler at the front of the book because that in itself was enough to ignite me to buy the book in the first place and as I said above; we immediately cleared the table and brought out all implements of construction. This lovely piece of art with its 12 individual blocks, complimentary “Garden Maze” framework and Twisted Ribbon border on a white background is quite a sight to behold when finished. And though we are 2 blocks shy of the 12 required for the center piece, we already know this will be a favored addition to our growing quilt collection.

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