Other Peoples Awesome…

So my husband took me to a few cool places this year already. We went to Seattle so that I may visit Church Mouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge Isle. We went to La Connor where an old home (turned historical museum) had a quilt exhibit going on and when we got back we went to the Dallas Quilt Show. Now this part is important because I want to mention that the quilt you semi see in the background is actually a picture of a quilt Michael and I saw on display there. I chose to make it part of my background because whenever I see it it only makes me want to stretch myself. It inspires me on one hand and leaves me breathless on the other. I strive to better myself all the time especially when I see great works of others. You can always tell a persons passion by their creativity and ingenuity that bleeds through to leave a lasting imprint. Thus far on my journey to stretch myself, I learned to knit and quilt and make garments. I’m no genius, not yet and the stuff I make is far from perfect but I have learned the basics and am having great fun. I am hoping to be able to grow & open up in ways to find my genius the way others do. Keep on sharing your work….people like me think your stuff is awesome.

Pics from the Dallas Quilt Show
as seen in my background.

Other Quilts from the Dallas show          


5 thoughts on “Other Peoples Awesome…

  1. I love the quilts you have posted on here.. i don’t think I could have dones these.. My patience would have been blown out the door… lol… I will one day try something like this.. when I can think clearly and no interruptions. BUT ONE DAY…….I WILL DO ONE…

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