So What if I Change My Mind?

In our house we have a few sayings about changing one’s mind. It usually goes a little something like “what I meant was” or “I know what I said” and the ever most popular “I went the other way.” My favorite saying however for the most ridiculous moments including but not limited to changing your mind is “Don’t judge me.”  Every time I hear that saying I reminisce back to a moment when Michael had stuffed an entire Chocolate Pinwheel cookie in his mouth and proceeded to talk. Nothing but good time’s at our house.  So back in the post of Everything in it’s Place, I made mention of my laundry list of things to do and getting a move on with that sampler quilt happened to be one such item. Did I mention I cut over (200) 2″ blocks that need to be sewn to other fabric I haven’t even cut yet to finish the framework? Just shoot me already. I’m not saying it wont be totally worth it,  I’m just saying  “Hey! Look at what we have behind curtain number two….WHY IT’S A WHOLE ‘NOTHER BLOCK OF THE MONTH just waiting to be put together.”  Yea!!!       Ya, I went the other way.

In celebration of my girlishness and the prerogative to change my other mind, here are the first three blocks of Nature’s Garden from package to to finished block.  I just couldn’t wait.

At the rate I’m going, I could just be done with this by next weekend? That’s my goal. Then maybe, after feeling very accomplished I could get back to my sampler.


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