Summer Food

I don’t know if I ever mentioned before but I live in Texas. Last year we had some brutal storms that led to ice and a hard freeze which made it virtually impossible to go anywhere the second week of February. After that everything thawed, the weather warmed up and skipped spring entirely to jump into the hottest damn summer ever. I had to get a cloth cover for my steering wheel because it had been melting away, a little every day and if you think that’s something, where in the world is it advertised on the radio for dashboard cookies? Why it’s Texas, of course. You literally can lay out a cookie sheet in the morning with some ready-to-go dough like Pillsbury, foil wrap some hot dogs and come back a few hours later for lunch.

I got to thinking about those days last year when reading a post yesterday from Loaves and Stitches called “Cold food for hot days.” There really is no chore in the world like cooking food on a hot day. So in light of our impending summer, I too thought of sharing a recipe that not only takes the bulk of the heat out of preparation but  it’s quite tasty cold as well.

Fried Chicken Salad

1 bag mixed spring greens

½ head Iceberg lettuce

1 Bag Tyson Fried Chicken Fingers (2 pieces per person)

Red Onion chopped

Boiled Egg slices (1 egg per person)

Shredded Cheese optional as well as the following:

Flavored Croutons, French’s Durkee Onions, Toasted Almonds, Cranberries, Sliced Apples or Grapes

 Arrange a bed of lettuce on a plate. Cut the previously cooked and cooled fried chicken into bite sized chunks. Arrange sliced egg around the bed and sprinkle with the red onion & cheese if you choose. The optional ingredients are just to give you an idea of what goes great in the salad for taste variety, texture and overall appeal. Select your dressing and have at it. My favorite dressings for this salad is Raspberry Vinaigrette or Honey Mustard if you serve the chicken warm on the salad. Whatever you choose (warm, cold) just remember to make lots, people will want seconds.

No matter where you live, most people lack motivation during the summer to do anything much less cook. If your tired of heating up your house in the summer to have a meal, try something like this. I also frequent for the latest and greatest recipes that are quick, easy and fun.


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