You know your ridiculous when…

It’s the 6th of June and I found myself sitting on the floor in front of the closet putting Christmas picks together after work. I’m sure at least 50% of the population has heard of Christmas in July and I’m certain that number is probably higher amongst my readers as they are all crafty little buggers, just like me.  Anyway, when the tree and decorations come down in the New Year, I always leave out one Christmas item somewhere in the house. I usually put it in a place where I can see it once a day but maybe not too many times to where it gets annoying. The purpose is to see it at a glance so that you can in a way, keep the spirit of Christmas with you all the year. I find it perfectly effective but I have to confess that the spirit wears off in traffic sometimes. Come July, I am in need of that Christmas fix and I will start pulling out more pieces of Christmas stuff to surround myself with. I will watch all my favorite Christmas movies (starting with the animated ones first) I will listen to Christmas music on my IPhone and right about then I will even start surfing the net to reinvent the holiday meal.

My biggest saving grace is that my husband digs this about me. His favorite holiday happens to be Thanksgiving but Christmas runs a very close second. Not that it matters in the slightest as we both love all things autumn, holiday food in large quantities and people watching at the mall during Christmas time. The fourth quarter is definitely our time of year and of course nothing makes us more jubilant than anything that remotely reminds us of it. This is the ridiculous of me, what are you ridiculous about?

Frosted Cranberry Picks and other festive looking berries.


The one thing I left out all year, hung up on the wall. My favorite wreath.             

4 thoughts on “You know your ridiculous when…

  1. o don’t forget the ginger bread cookies that Mike likes to eat.. lol I love that time of year as well. ALL the smells of spices and everything nice!!!

  2. I think that is so nice to take out time to reflect on your favorite time of the year. For several years I did nothing at Christmas because I was just so overwhelmed by it all. Lately I have started to decorate a little and put up a tree again. I would say we are ridiculous about frosted sugar cookies from a local french bakery. They are expensive, but we buy them every year and our family has come to expect them. One year the bakery messed up our order and gave to someone else. We were so upset-the kids and grandkids were very disappointed. Sometimes I will get them during the year just for Eddie and I, but they are so sweet and buttery, that we try to save for special occassions.

  3. I have a small wall quilt of the magi that I leave up all year. My husband thinks I’m crazy…but it reminds me of the spirit of Christmas. See…you aren’t the only one! 🙂

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