That Pivotal Moment

Time it seems has a rhythmic way in keeping people moving with it, forming that familiar yet comfortable rut  so widely talked about. Sometimes I have to remind myself that changing what I eat for lunch (egg salad instead of smoked turkey) is not enough of a deviation to break me from the norm.

Last Friday however, Michael took me out on a day long date to The Modern Art Galleries and the Impressionist exhibits at the Kimbell Art Museum in Ft. Worth. For the first time in my life, I gazed into masterpieces of Renoir, Degas, Monet, Manet, Boldini, Sargent and more. The emotions that washed over me the instant we set foot into the first wing, was strong and mixed; to which I can say that if my face were registering my feelings as they came and changed like the flood tide they were, I can only imagine my features must have had the look of sheer delight bordering on hysteria.  Oddly enough though, there seemed to be a lot of first timers there with the same “strained to keep composure” look about them, I’m sure nobody paid any attention to mine. After spending the first 15 minutes reminding myself that almost everything I was looking at was more or less 142 years old, I was able to settle down and really enjoy myself.  Having first been filled with symmetry in the “Catharine Collection” at the Modern Art Gallery and married it to my experience of designs and color from Henri Rousseau’s “The Snake Charmer” I had quite an overwhelming desire to make some art of my own.

Though I have  had a running list of what my upcoming quilting projects were going to consist of, I am of the mind to go off the beaten path; from carbon copying other patterns to designing a one of kind piece. Since quilting is my thing and it seems to still be making me happy at the moment, there is no time like the present to toss my hat into the collective creative ring to make something extraordinary. My husband said he had to forgo the gym last night because he had to work from home. After I got back from a rigorous work out, I found out he made a trip to Joann’s. I was about to give him a really hard time, but I found a magazine on the couch… McCall’s Quilting ‘America makes Fast Quilts and in it was a lovely expose’ “ Petal Power Duo.”  Now after having spent a good deal of time thinking about works of art, I had to admit  this is what I was talking about.! My daughter Dallas left her art kit when she went back to California in February, so I brought it with me for the day. Armed with pencils, pastels, water colors and oils, I literally have all I need to create a masterpiece that will hopefully last the test of time.

Petal Power Duo – Quilt


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