I’ll do “Nothing” when I’m dead.

Bundled Fabric & Paper Peonies

Today is Saturday the 23rd and over a bowl of Pozole with a side a cornbread, I got to thinking about a great many things, most of which concerned my life and how I’ve spent my time. As far back as I can remember which is about the age of two or three which is farther than I needed to remember that I was never really bored as a child. I rarely sat around to watch TV or play video games and I’m struggling to remember a time when I lazed about and did nothing. I was fairly active and spent most of my time outdoors. My fondest memories though are the one’s spent inside, making something. Coloring and drawing on my bedroom floor is one everlasting memory but finger painting, spin art, clay, tri chem pens and shrink art were favorite past times of mine. One of the things I can say about my mother is that she instilled the love of crafts within me and to this day we share DIY crafts from afar. We have spent years now, sending each other homemade cards and letters filled with scrap papers, stickers and other ready to use stuff.

I don’t know if my hand at crafts this weekend is prompted by my nostalgic mood but so far, since yesterday, I have delved into making paper Poppies & Peonies. I finished Pillows A La Mode’s 5-minute project; which sadly, took me a few weeks to get around to doing and I still have yet to find the one pattern that will make the bundled fabric above come to life but I’m certain to remedy that by dinner time. I couldn’t very well post this without showing you my tape dispensers new home. I used some fat quarters purchased at the Dallas quilt show to make this very cushy, happy fabric basket. I thought the fabric was darling though I was at a loss (at the time) as to what to do with them. Just goes to show how handy it is to have a ready stash!

My cute, cushy fabric basket & decorated tape dispensers

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