Got Kids? Beat the boredom!

Many years ago I remarried and my husband and I blended my three children with his four and we had kids ranging in the ages of 10 on down to 2. Needless to say that trying to work and keep children on their summer break happy can be a struggle at times but when you don’t have much time or money to spend, it forces you to get real inventive. Summer can be a little more brutal in some places than others. Popsicle pass down among the children was always a popular event but once snack time is over what do you do with them the rest of the daylight hours? Here is a list of fun projects you can do with kids of almost every age that takes little time out of your day and the least amount of money from your pocket.


  1. Create a sidewalk Muriel
  2. Custom tie-dye shirts for summer
  3. Build a homemade kite
  4. Construct a blanket fort
  5. Design a flower garden in a baby pool
  6. Turn something old into something new
  7. Introduce cooking to your kids
  8. Start a summer book club
  9. Scrap book your memories
  10. Make treasure boxes for keepsakes
The “how to’s” for everything on this list can be found in a Google search. For some of these there are more than a few sites to choose from and I leave it to you to pick the one that’s best for you. The following site has very fun and age appropriate ideas for those with small children – and if you have kids ranging from 6 to teens, this site has awesome, creative projects that cost $5 and under –
My kids are all grown and gone now. Michael and I have been empty nester’s for the last 4 years already. But I love crafts (in case you hadn’t noticed) and regardless of my childless state, I am still going to do a few things this summer from this list. Probably starting with the blanket fort then onward to making the homemade kite, cause that’s how I roll!

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