Creating a fun time out

So my confession is, I didn’t go to the gym last night so that I could stay home and get down to the business of sewing Block 6 which was an applique’ to my Natures Garden quilt. You know the one…the one I said I was going to have finished a  few weeks ago. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I was GOING to do it and then Michael happened. He asked me to beg off my projects to help him finish the applique on his Arbor lane that he was trying to finish so that he might actually get it sent off to the quilter. So I did and while I was already off track, I made another quilt. Anyway he finally finished and is now in the stage of binding. Can I get an Amen? So tonight I’m on block 8 (another applique’, big surprise right?) which is going to take all night, I might be able to dig out the fabric I had in mind for a project I’ve been carrying around in my head for the past couple days.  24 hours is quite a long time and depending on your activities, it can make for a very long day but most of the time I find myself saying “their just aren’t enough hours.” So in light of the fact that I have to get my butt to the gym after work and pick up where I left off last night, I will have to shelve putting the project together til Friday. In the meantime, here is a few other things I wanted to share the other day when last I posted, but didn’t quite have it all together. This is what happens when you post while at work. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone. So, while I’m stalling for more time…check this out.

I don’t know how many of my readers live in Texas and how many of those live near the metroplex but Dallas really is a one stop shop for food and fun. And the one thing that I have learned over the years is that:

  • People will travel to spend time in a worth while place.
  • The best time a person has anywhere, is usually recommended by someone else.
  • The well informed negotiates map directions, parking, ticket buying etc…better than the average person who flies by the seat of their pants. In short, be prepared and you will enjoy your outing a hundred fold.

Dallas Museum of Art 1717 North Harwood St. Dallas, TX    

Hours of Operation

Tues-Wed     11-5     Thurs             11-9     Fri, Sat-Sun     11-5

Closed on Monday

The third Friday of the Month (excluding December) the Museum is open until Midnight and there is a site dedicated to activities for Late Nights.

Admission: Adults-$10     Seniors & Military Personnel-$7     Students-$5     Children under 12-Free

Last year, every first Saturday used to be free admission, I don’t know if this is still the case. I do know you can get a $1 discount with your Dart ticket and there are free days for students and educators, please refer to the link for details –Admission

Admission to the Museum for late night is half price I believe and if you are looking to do and see more, you can purchase tickets for the Nasher Sculpture Center along with your Museum of Art tickets. It brings the cost for general admission for adults to $16 and $12 for Military & Seniors but you save yourself $2 to $4 bucks if you were going to buy both anyway.

To Parents  – Every Wednesday in June and July the  Museum of Art offers activities geared around children. Their site talks about exploring the world of art through sketching, family tours and story time. See their website for more details.

Nasher Sculpture Center2001 Flora Street   Dallas, TX     214-242-5100

Hours of Operation

Tues-Sun     11-5

Admission – Mirrors the ticket price to the Museum of Art

Again, the third Friday just like the Museum, there is late night festivities that’s free of admission. There are live concerts, movie screens in the gardens and opportunities for much fun and socializing. Some people say that nothing worth having is free…I disagree.

Dallas World Aquarium – 1801 North Griffin St.   Dallas, TX     214-720-2224

Hours of Operation – Mon-Sun     10-5     


Adult – $20.95     Children – $12.95

I recommend this place over the zoo (for now) only because this is an indoor activity that is more parent friendly to take kids. Just as a warning, it is an aquarium…with wide open space,waterfalls and tanks of all kinds, so there is a level of warmth and humidity in here.

This is what I have for now. I wont bore you with anymore text but before I go, I will leave you with one final link for your dining experience while your in the Dallas area – Dallas Dines Out

Have fun everyone and Bon Appetite!


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