Rules of Fort Making (Y’all thought I was kidding didn’t you?)

Just in case some of you were wondering if I was going to make good on my word regarding my summer list of things to do that I posted previously.  I did indeed, make my fort.

I’ve been making homemade forts all my life. I think I have used every substance known to man, however the best stuff for making an indoor fort is  still bedding and unused furniture. Sheets are great if you want a little ambiance lighting. Their usually big enough to get the job done and thin enough for light to loom in. I prefer blankets and quilts for they’re size and heftiness. I never worry about tearing a corner of a quilt.

As a standard rule, you should always leave someone standing guard outside to keep your fort safe from intruders and to take the password of the day from those who are allowed.

Its always nice to have a bit of company while your in your fort. I invited my cat Ollie inside and of course he thought it was a fabulous idea.



A fort is not complete without all the comforts of couch cushions, covered in your favorite quilt. And of course snacks are always a good idea. I have a juice pouch, teddy grahams and my laptop of course.



Indoor forts are fun to make because they are easy to put up and fast to take down. I love kicking back in forts and reading or playing games on my phone or laptop. It reminds me of tent camping which I don’t get to do very often anymore.


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