How does your Garden Grow?

Apartment living doesn’t really provide space enough for anyone to plant and enjoy pretty flowers, ferns or any other leafy green one might find in a garden or patio display. I’ve taken to making paper flowers recently, so that I might enjoy the loveliness of such things indoors for longer than a week. and I know it’s hardly the same but I’ve found that quilts do provide a happy ever after place for flowers and other garden life.

Yesterday, I finished the top of my Natures Garden quilt and as I mentioned in my last post “Heirloom Projects” I was as good as my word, changing the design to suit my fancy and making it entirely my own. I think I actually like it better the way I made it versus the way the picture displayed it as far as the sashing framework goes. I cut and sewed the vine work in a reverse fashion because that’s what rebels do and because I’m me, there are quite a few more embellishments (flowers, vines & leaves) than the pattern called for. I love taking creative license with my own things. I was never one to color outside the lines as a child and to make something different other than what the directions called for would have been inconceivable to me before. I don’t exactly know when my ability to make changes on the fly occurred, I only know that I’m quite okay with it now and I’m having great fun with my new-found artistic freedom.

As I’m getting ready to send this quilt off and am in the home stretch with my third rag blanket for my grand daughter Lily, I am about to ramp up a long awaited project. My next quilt is going to go to Michael, who has been patiently waiting for me to make something just for him. I will no doubt be posting a little something about it soon. Until then, have a happy creative day.


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