Letters to friends

About eight years ago, my husband introduced me to Sendsomething.net. A place online in which you can preview the profiles of others; where they come from, their likes and dislikes etc…and you can choose to send something to a person (a post card, a letter, maybe something artistic or homemade.)  Its been a wonderful place over the years to send something to someone at random and though everyone there would agree that receiving something at random is 100 times better than anything else a person usually gets in the mail except for maybe frequent random receipts from someone who has become a familiar pen.

I believe I have been sending/receiving post from fellow Sendsomething.net participants for about 8 years now. Over the years I have made quite a few regular pen friends which I may have mentioned previously. I have one pen friend in particular who lives in New Brunswick, Canada of whom I have gotten to know pretty well. I often imagine her in her favorite coffee shop, writing to me as she has in the past. Telling me all about the latest in her life, the natural going on of things and people she has mentioned and have come to grow familiar.  Once she wrote to me on the back of eight post cards and numbered them for me. Much to my shock and surprise, I received all eight on the same day. The post office employees went to a great deal of trouble I’m sure, to get all of them to me at once. Thanks postal workers! Speaking of the United States postal workers, one of my favorite pen friends is a postal worker who wrote to me after having found out about Sendsomething.net by carrying the mail. Hows that for influence, huh?

Anyway, even after 8 years of unique, homemade, hard-to-find and holiday letters and care packages, I still feel the need to send them all  something I haven’t yet. Last Wednesday, my husband and I took a vacation day off from work and headed to Moda for a warehouse sale. After the fact I regretted not having taken more pictures with all its neat and wonderful’s of the fabric world. But now that I really think about it, the one thing I really wanted to share were these beautifully stitched, fabric cards I mean to send to my pen pals before my post goes all holiday decor again.  So here you are, stitched cards so pretty it inspired me to make one of my own. I’m not a cross stitch person and I am just learning how to use the embroidery functions on my machine but it doesn’t take but a little imagination and know how to create a beautiful card from fabric and stock. Not too bad for my first time.


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