I have been following Texana’s Kitchen for a little while now and I just love her. Mostly in part, due to her recipes but also because she is real, hilarious, poignant witty and just my kind of girl. I am re-posting her last for all of those who are looking for something new, some good advice or maybe a few minutes of pure entertainment. BTW people, I met my husband at the “Saddle Rack” in San Jose CA. We have a wonderful blended family of 7 children/ 4 grandchildren and have been married for 16 wonderful years. Congratulations on your success Texana!
I appreciate your shared lively topics.

Texana's Kitchen

Today is my husband’s birthday.  Forty four years ago today, his mother was having her own Labor Day, of sorts.

On his birthday, as I celebrate with him, I also pause to remember how we met, why we married each other, and how we stay together.  It isn’t something we take for granted, and we talk about it often, as we see other marriages that take the path of least resistance.  Friends that haven’t been so fortunate will ask for advise on “how do you deal with….” or “how could I have avoided…..”, or any number of retrospective questions after the dissolution of their marriage.  I am no expert, and certainly not qualified to hand out marital advise, but I can tell you from my own perspective what has worked for us.

Where is the best place to meet someone?

I know I have heard people answer this with “church”…

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