The long road to an idea

For my readers, this was a draft I saved with the intention of posting later with a picture of the mini quilt for swapping. I never did complete it which is probably why I never posted this, however it is reminiscent of the nonsense that is the Lawrence household and because I mentioned my cat (of whom is no longer with us) I thought I would post this for my husband and all of those who have/had quilt loving cats that think everyone you make is theirs.


Draft Date 6-16-2012

I was just about to sleep last night when I heard a rustling sound. It was faint at first and barely audible over the sound of the fan on high speed. It got a little bit louder and more frequent as the seconds passed. I thought of dismissing it when I remembered I had left a plastic shopping bag on the floor. As much as I wanted to roll my eyes in disgust; having been well on my way to the land of nod, my mind took over and was imagining this plastic bag gracefully being swept a little here and  moving slightly there due to the amount of air being pushed around the room. It was kind of a peaceful thought really and I was enjoying the sweeping motions until I heard something else. It became a little more frequent and not more than a foot away from where I was trying to sleep. It got a little louder or maybe it was just getting closer and you better believe it was freaking me out, right up to the point where I fully recognized what “IT” was.  That oh so familiar ring of the tiny little bell that hangs from the collar on my cat. I don’t know how many of you have cats but mine is not allowed in our room at night because is a down right disturber of the peace. Knowing full well that I am not going to get to sleep now until I investigate, I get out of bed, trying to decide which was more annoying, the dancing bag or the bell.  I couldn’t see anything at first. My dark vision hadn’t kicked in yet and the glow from the clock wasn’t really at the right angle to make out anything. Of course the hunt for the bag has now become a challenge and since I’m wide awake now I am making quite the game out of it.  I  meander in the direction of the dancing bag and bend over to  pick it up. After feeling around and finding the bag I go to snatch  it up and found that I couldn’t. It took  me a minute but I soon realized this was no mere plastic bag, as it had been transformed into a tent, complete with occupant. Ollie had climbed in all the way, turned about in it and was using it as a windbreaker. You know I don’t normally like to spoil one’s fun but the mere thought of hearing the bag crinkle every time he moved was already driving me out of my tree. I threw him out of the room, bag and all.  I climbed back into bed where Michael and I proceeded to discuss what a big weirdo our cat is and waited for sleep to come.

I thought about my clothes in the dryer, birthday cards I hadn’t sent, my UFO’s, my 5 minute project I hadn’t managed to get to in the last 5 days, etc….I was lying there disgusted at myself because I had been uninspired enough to come up with a mini quilt to swap. But today, I did. And though today is full of starts and stops, my mini will consist of a back drop scene of tea time. Complete with wallpaper and wood  wall, with a window to the outside (adorned with curtains) a winged back chair in front of a table set for two. I have 9 days for it to be together, quilted and bound.

As I said, I never did finish but I did root around for it in the nooks and cranny’s of my sewing room. I am having quite the time getting the picture from my phone to my computer so I guess its going to be a little while longer and I will try again when its finished.  As for Ollie… we miss him and hope that if there is a cat heaven; it’s filled with warm, soft quilts.



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