Texas Tornado?

What a fight it has been to reach the end of a project that is “The Persian Plum” originally an undertaking my husband was so passionate about in the beginning. For all those who have ever purchased a Block-of-the-Month or a jelly roll, you might have come to the same conclusion that not all the pieces that come with your purchase is cut to the exact size needed. On several occasions when in the piece making process, I found pre-cut fabric not square as it should have been or shy a quarter of an inch here and there. Nothing is more frustrating than blocks that don’t meet the finished size requirements. After making 9 of the 12 featured blocks my husband did the only thing that would make him feel better, which was to start another quilt. Due to my tenacious nature, I volunteered to wrestle the quilt into submission and after a very painstaking process, it is finally complete. Image

During this process my husband began a very lovely Ohio Star quilt, a Christmas quilt and I had just completed yet another Sage Garden pattern using Heidi Grace inspired prints. Last weekend I started a Christmas inspired panel quilt with fabric I purchased from a Moda warehouse sale, purchased 8 bolts of fabric from a Joann’s close out sale for quilts I plan to make for family members; all of which are vying for top position and this morning Michael announced that I wont be able to make any progress this weekend because he is overhauling the sewing room. 

In the beginning it was nice just to have a sewing room put together using an old dining room table, mismatched chairs and even a love seat to plop down on to read or sit and talk but as time has marched on we have both come to the realization that the room itself is not as user friendly as it could be. In his excitement, Michael has been talking at me a hundred miles an hour this morning. He has been sharing pictures of sewing tables, cutting tables and storage units to transform the room in such a way that might actually work for us instead of against us. Not quite the weekend I was planning but I certainly cant complain. 


One thought on “Texas Tornado?

  1. This is very pretty. I think I would have handled it exactly the same way your husband did….move on! Good luck on the revamped sewing room! That sounds exciting!

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