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Volunteer Work

As we are approaching the end of the year at a break neck pace I have been bracing myself for the impact for such a time when all my projects come to an end. The company I work for has an incentive program that has certain requirements and percentages per, to acquire what any other company would call a bonus. One requirement worth 25% of our incentive (should we choose) is community service. Isn’t it sad, how much we aspire to give back or volunteer to the community but in reality find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day?  This 25% for community service breaks down to 12 hours of volunteer work for the whole year. 365 days a year and  I barely managed to eek out my community service in the last two weeks in order to obtain 100% of my incentive. Pathetic, I know. And if that didn’t prove just how much I suck, let me just bear the rest of the whole ugly truth in saying that it only took me two days of focus to whip out a project that had been under my nose the whole stinking time.

In my growing library of quilting books there is one among them called “Quilting for Peace.” If ever there was a book that was responsible for coining the phrase, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” this small on the outside but  huge inspirational compilation, saved my collective…you know; with it’s quick yet mesmerizing quilting pattern called the fence rail. I later learned from my long arm quilter that this pattern also goes by the name, triple rail.  Upon reading the text for this particular pattern, I learned that a woman in Colorado along with a small group, made several of these fence rail quilts as Emergency Snuggle Blankets for firefighters to carry on their trucks. The pattern is so very simple to read, understand and put together. With a group, I’m certain with an assembly line of sorts, could whip out quite a few of these. By myself I was able to piece two quilts in about a 48 hour period. My long arm quilter mentioned that she and her guild apparently made these 49 inch squared blankets for charity and that she charges around $20 a quilt. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy that made me.


Today I turned in all my paperwork for my yearly incentive and the one thing I am most proud to have accomplished was the community service project. When these two little gems come back from the quilter and are bound, they will find their new homes in the Shady Dale Firehouse in Oklahoma.


So What if I Change My Mind?

In our house we have a few sayings about changing one’s mind. It usually goes a little something like “what I meant was” or “I know what I said” and the ever most popular “I went the other way.” My favorite saying however for the most ridiculous moments including but not limited to changing your mind is “Don’t judge me.”  Every time I hear that saying I reminisce back to a moment when Michael had stuffed an entire Chocolate Pinwheel cookie in his mouth and proceeded to talk. Nothing but good time’s at our house.  So back in the post of Everything in it’s Place, I made mention of my laundry list of things to do and getting a move on with that sampler quilt happened to be one such item. Did I mention I cut over (200) 2″ blocks that need to be sewn to other fabric I haven’t even cut yet to finish the framework? Just shoot me already. I’m not saying it wont be totally worth it,  I’m just saying  “Hey! Look at what we have behind curtain number two….WHY IT’S A WHOLE ‘NOTHER BLOCK OF THE MONTH just waiting to be put together.”  Yea!!!       Ya, I went the other way.

In celebration of my girlishness and the prerogative to change my other mind, here are the first three blocks of Nature’s Garden from package to to finished block.  I just couldn’t wait.

At the rate I’m going, I could just be done with this by next weekend? That’s my goal. Then maybe, after feeling very accomplished I could get back to my sampler.