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Mini Quilts and Swap Groups

Michael is usually the one out of the two of us to be the first at blazing a path, trying something new or to branch out on an idea. I joined Flickr first without actually knowing what is was or how to use and navigate it. And for a time I actually abandoned the notion of ever going back to it. Just recently however Flickr made a resurgence in the home when Michael brought it up to show me pictures of mini quilts from a group site.
The group is called LQSVS for Lil Quilt Sew, Vote, Swap. This site is for people who want to participate in making and swapping mini quilts. For people like me, this is a novel idea. As a mini quilt (subject to certain rules & size perimeters) you can start and finish a project in a short amount of time. There are really no rules as to artistic license and in the end you get to swap with someone else in the group. I won’t bore you with the details about how the swap is done but know the ladies in this group and so many others in groups like this one  really have some talent and creative ideas.

Peter Rabbit Mini Nursery Quilt

Peter Rabbit Mini Nursery Quilt

If your like me; someone who longs for friendship or social interaction but doesn’t get out much, this is a perfect way to do what you love along with other people with the same interests as you. And being a member/participant has it’s advantages of sharing pics and clips of ideas from people around the world. My mini quilt ended up going to an anxiously awaiting participant in Germany. As an avid pen pal writer, I don’t have to tell you how exciting that is, to send something to someone new.  The pictures attached to this post are all mini quilts Michael & I  received thus far and along with one mini quilt the sender also included a very cute, little matching purse with scrap materials tucked inside.

The Peter Rabbit mini quilt was shipped to me by it’s creator Summerset Rose from England.This mini is so very precious from its soft palette color selection down to the softness of the fabric. What is so unique and fabulous about this mini is that it’s interactive. The triangles open up like shutters to reveal a different print block in each. Great for toddlers!

The one on the bottom left here, Michael received from from CA Sharp for his first swap.  Incidentally, the way the voting went in the second swap he participated in, had him sending to and receiving  a quilt from CA Sharp again. This typically does not happen, as who you send to and receive from is all based on how the voting goes.
I use these mini quilts to decorate my end tables in the living room. I have photos nicely arranged over one and the other is displayed with nothing on it at the moment.  As for the scrap in the little purse? For now it stays  as a little hidden treasure until I have time to find a project to incorporate the colors. Thanks JanBran for heading up  LQSVS and all the lovely ladies who make it so much fun.

Patchwork Zoo Print

Pick a Penny Mini